• Keith Haydon

    That’s a good suggestion, Joe. Absolutely!

    As an aside, I’m a bit more in favor of switching mics, for background vocals. Any anomalies/bumps in the frequency response of the mic will be imparted to anything that goes through it. I generally don’t want my BV’s to share much sonic similarity to the lead vocal.

    I’d rather use the same mic on all the background vocals, so that the same nuance -is- imparted to each background vocal, because it helps them sound more cohesive.

  • Andrew

    Awesome! Recording vocals for my EP very soon, this a great tip, exactly the one I was looking for.

  • Me

    a.k.a. the Michael Jackson trick 😉

  • Dave Komel

    Thanks for the reminder, Joe. I’m recording vocals after church tonight and will definitively try this. Someone, somewhere mentioned this before, but I totally forgot the technique. Great sound BTW.

    God bless….

  • Gabe

    Cool, I’ll totally have to try this! Your vocals sound KILLER, by the way.

  • Harry James

    Never crossed my mind to share, but I do the same thing for BGV >> thanks for sharing Joe.

  • JohnnyinNOLA

    Is that with no tuning or correction on the vox?

  • wolsch

    Killervocals! Not only are you a very good singer but the harmony vocals are giving the whole thing that incredible shine that I only know from my very favorite albums. I will definitely put this trick into practice on my next harmony vocal recording. Thx a lot, man! You are sounding more and more Nashville and thats phantastic.

    So if someone owns all the plugins he could dream of and all the gear and microphones of choice and still does not get the vocals sound right, then maybe moving to Nashville will be only solution for a phantastic vocal sound. :-))))