• Christopher Roberts

    I appreciate the info. It helps me work through to feelings I get as being new to mastering. Changes the way I work. Thank you.

  • Paul

    I enjoyed the replay Joe! Thanxs!
    I also enjoyed the other replay where your mic placement fell apart!! Lol!! But you carried on regardless!! And thats what its all about!!
    Keep up the good work!!

  • BluMondie

    Great! 🙂

  • Patrick ASLANIAN

    interesting starting point and good advices.
    One question. I am just starting from scratch to master.
    with studio live 16.4.2 and studio one.
    What gears would you suggest to start, equalize, compress, limit, convert, etc ?
    as the soft solution is not yet for today.

    • Not sure I understand your question.

      • Patrick ASLANIAN

        Do you use during the mastering process : compression (parallel, multi band), equalization, peak limiter, sum and difference (stereo field), export, only the plugins and tools of presonus studio one or do you use any rack to do the job ?
        I have heard that some people think that plugins are again far away of the result from a rack.

  • Ulf Rohdin

    Thanks a million, Joe! The webinar took place at 03:00 am here in Sweden so I could not make it to the live session. Great info!