A while back I wrote about 5 of my Favorite Ways to Use Compression.

Today I want to add 11 more items to that list.

These are ALL things you can do with a SINGLE compressor.

You can:

  1. Add punch
  2. Take away punch
  3. Add sustain
  4. “Fix” inconsistent performances
  5. Bring something to the front of the mix.
  6. Push something to the back of the mix.
  7. “Dirty up” a clean recording.
  8. Add character.
  9. Add snap.
  10. Take away snap.
  11. “Glue” a mix together.

As you can see, compression is an insanely versatile tool. And you can use the same, simple, stock compressor that came with your recording software to do all of the cool stuff listed above.

It’s all about how you tweak the settings.

To learn more, go here:


  • Hey joe

    Great article, it’s a never ending list of uses for compression. It can do so much and so little to a mix. It was the theme for my most recent podcast episode. I was planning out the episode and soon realised it was turning into a 2-3 hour show so had to cut it back a little so I talked about the 4 main areas in compression (in my opinion):

    Parallel compression
    Mix Bus compression
    Sidechain compression
    Multi-Band compression

    I gave your site and the simply recording podcast a little plug in the process.

    Keep up the good work


  • What’s “snap”, precious? 😉

    • Not sure how to explain it. If I was to give a snare drum more snap, it would sound more “clicky” maybe…more like someone “snapping” their firngers.

      • Yeah that is a hard one to nail down. I think I know what you mean. I would proly call it something else, though what that something is eludes me at this time…! hehe

        • We’ll just call it: ” ”