21 Responses to “20-Minute Mix [Video]”

  1. letzter geist

    both sound great! haha. i liked the finished mixes vocal presence, but i actually appreciated the less bright hats and cymbals in the 20 min mix. either way, straight-forward, to the point mixing seems to work.

  2. Tony Molica

    What did you accomplish in 20 mins? eq/compression/pan/levels only?

  3. Howard

    Joe, though I’m not listening through my studio monitors right, the lower (original-blue) mix has a nice brightness to it. The difference isn’t so major. Very cool idea. Gotta try it myself.

  4. Larry Sexton

    Forgive my ignorance Joe, before mixing the song did you prep the song first like grouping, Auxing etc…

  5. Max Velazquez

    Very, very interesting. “Gut Mixing”. Granted the final mix was better but it is amazing how close the 2 are. It kind of reminds me of the days when I used to do live sound. With 4-5 bands playing in 1 night, most of the mixing done live was all “Gut mixing”. Like anything else, the more one does it, the better one gets at it.

  6. Vincent

    Amazing how similar they are!
    Looping the song forced you t make gut decisions, and work fast. You found a cure for tweakitis.
    Graham talked about the 3 hour mix, to stay focused. 20 min is a bit extreme, but in one hour, I’m sure you can get a great mix.

    • Joe Gilder

      Yeah, but I think an hour is too long. Give yourself 20-30 minutes of “gut mixing” then go back and do your normal tweaking.

      • Vincent

        I’ll try it on my next mix. Did you find time to EQ and compress tracks like usually, or did you just High Pass Filtered and compressed drums, bass and vocals?

  7. Ricky Furr

    Hey Joe, excellent tip. I’m curious about how much time you ended up spending between the 20-minute mix and the final one. I find that I spend the most time on the last “finishing touches” of the mix. Do you feel like getting the basic tones so quickly at the beginning of the mix made the rest of the process easier?


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