Back on New Year’s Day I wrote a post about setting goals, and I also released my latest free eBook, Roadmap to Finishing Your Album. If you haven’t grabbed your copy yet, just sign up to my newsletter, and it’s yours.

In that post I talked a lot about setting deadlines for yourself, and how these deadlines will push you to get specific things accomplished.

Well, I’d like to share with you my progress thus far. See above picture. Yeah, I missed a couple deadlines. So why am I showing you this? Because if I hadn’t set those deadlines, I’d be much further behind than I am.

Having those deadlines sitting there staring at me made me get up and get things done. They made me call my brother-in-law and schedule a time for him to record all the bass parts with me. (He also promptly made fun of me for the missed deadlines in the picture…thanks Joel.)

So…how are YOU doing?

Like I said, I may have missed a few deadlines, but I’ve made a LOT of progress on my album. The songs are coming together really nicely, and they’re sounding great. I have just a handful of things left to record, then it’s on to mixing.

Will I finish by the end of this month? We’ll see…we’ll see…but I’m sure gonna try. 😉

Your turn. How are things progressing? Are you closer to your goals? Did you set any? Leave a comment.

  • My deadlines were april for 3 songs, recorded one, and suddenly a new song came out from my gutar and head, and did the demo in place and time. A client contacted me, to do some guitar recording for their upcoming EP and album, so I suspended my songwriting and recording.. and some minor game sound design work came accross. I failed i think :))

  • bobby

    Planned to finish 2 songs each months from january to march. But so far only finished 2 songs. Now another 2 songs in progress. Behind schedule but I’m still happy as you said if I didn’t set any schedule and plans, there would be nothing done.

  • Cush

    I’m hoping to have 5 songs written and arranged, with scratch tracks, done by the end of March. Long term, I’m hoping to have the 5 song EP done by the end of June.

    Right now I’m on pace. If I can get the songs written on time, then I’ll be ok. I tend to think that everything I write can and should be better than it is tho…we all know how that goes.

  • David

    My original deadlines are pretty much pointless now due to continuing hardware/software issues on my PC. Had to do a complete reformat and reinstall of my operating system, and ever since, i’ve lost a ton of motivation to record again. Just so tired of problem after problem after problem.

    I’ll set a deadline of this coming weekend for me to get my recording software installed and tested. If it doesn’t work (for the hundredth time), i don’t know what i’ll do.

  • Lukas

    Sounds very familiar to me… However, I decided to break my goals into sub-goals, because that way I can see I’m actually acomplishing something, be it the smallest steps, but still. Even tiny progress is better than no progress. Especially when it comes to editing. Instead of having ‘Track editing’ staring at me for 3 weeks, I so much prefer ticking the boxes like ‘Pocketing vocals – Sunday afternoon’ and so on.

    Fingers crossed for you, Joe.

    • “Baby steps.” – What About Bob?

  • Sam K

    My goals went something like this:

    January – Get backlog of business paperwork out of the way so I don’t feel guilty about spending time on music.

    Then in no specific order but finished before June

    * Take 3 more unfinished tracks from last year and flesh them out. (Which means lyrics and basic arrangement completed. This gives me about 9 songs total)

    * Choose the best 6 tracks and totally finish them (Meaning fully recorded and produced)

    * Finish building my custom MIDI controller (electronics are all assembled, currently working on firmware, then need to build the case) This is not really as important as the other stuff.

    * Find an artist to do some art for our band

    * Select the 3 tracks for our debut release and rehearse a live performance for them

    * Build website

    * Officially launch the band with website, 3 track release and webcast performance.

    So far I am about 50% done with the catch up on the business paperwork. 🙁

    I have already selected the 3 songs for the debut release and they are all about 85%-95% complete, but I want to have at least 3 more tracks up my sleeve for release not long after.