Believe it or not, Christmas is 12 days away. Yep. 12. Crazy, huh?

This year I decided to do a 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway. I’m giving away one of my products per day between now and Christmas.

If you added them all up, it comes to well over $1,400 of free stuff. How fun is that?!?!

This is my small way of saying thank you for making HSC possible. No seriously. Thank YOU. I’m glad you’re a part of this.

So before you get caught up in all the last-minute holiday shopping, head over to the giveaway page and drop your name in the hat.

Here’s the link:

Good luck!

Merry Christmas

  • Ivan

    Hi Joe,

    is it enough to enter one time, or i should enter daily?


    • One time gets you into all 12 drawings.

      • Ivan

        thnx… you’re great as usual!

  • Sayantan

    Santaclaus is very much there 😀 thanks for reminding

  • isai Castro

    is it totally free Joe?
    Thanks so much!

    • Yep. It’s free to enter the drawing, and 12 people will win the prizes.

  • Freek

    As if you’re not doing enough for us homestudiofolks. Thanks Joe!

  • Captain Betty

    Thanks Joe!!! Great giveaway!