• Theodoric

    Thanks a lot Joe

  • swintn

    Extremely generous!!! Naturally, I hope to win something, but win or not, just feeling a lot of happiness for those who do. You’re spreading a good bit of joy. Blessings to you, your family AND to all those who receive your gifts… 🙂

  • Jamspoon

    Youre the man Joe! Great Radio Voice!

  • Lamta

    Great news im lamta from Africa senegal

  • Christophe

    Merry rocking Xmas from France Joe! To you, Pam, Owen and the girls! And a big thank you for giving away some of your great tutorials!

  • John Mark Varney

    Thanks Joe!

  • Butts Carlton

    You Rock Joe!! This is so cool of you

  • Denis

    There is no real Christmas here in Israel 🙁 I live here,but I’m not a jew and I so miss a snow.

  • Andrew Eiler

    This is a great idea!

  • Jay Helmus

    What an awesome promo!! I’m in! Thanks so much Joe!!

  • julian

    Been waiting all year for this!! By the way, my birthday is December 16th….just sayin ha but keep up the good work I enjoy your daily emails and your site!

    Take Care,

    Julian Wilkey

    • Jamspoon

      Youre the man joe! Great radio voice!