So I turned 30 a week ago.

Yeah, that happened.

I’m officially an old fart.

I ended up taking the week off last thing from almost all HSC-related activities. I needed a break, and I wanted to work on my album.

But also, I was in a bit of a funk. I don’t know if turning 30 had anything to do with it (I suspect it might have), but I wanted to take a break from work and focus on creativity for a bit.

I’m glad I did.

Do you ever get into a “funk” in your home studio?

Yeah, me too. (It took me 2 weeks to make any progress on my album after the initial tracking session.)

I was reading a great book by a guy named Ken McCarthy recently. He proposed three questions to help break you out of your productivity funk.

Here they are:

* What’s working?

* What’s missing?

* What’s next?

It may seem super simple, but those six words pack a pretty big punch. If you find yourself spinning your wheels in your studio, ask yourself these questions.

Maybe it’ll go like this:

“What’s working? Well, I’ve got a good ear for mixing. I know what I want the final mix of this song to sound like. I can almost hear it in my head.

What’s missing? I can’t seem to make the mix in my head come out of the speakers, no matter what I try. So I haven’t tried in a loooong time. I could use more reps, more practice…and maybe some guidance.

What’s next? Maybe I need to finally join Dueling Mixes. I’ve been avoiding it for a while. I’m afraid it won’t really make me better, but I’m not getting better on my own, so I really have nothing to lose.

Maybe I’ll give it a shot.”

If that’s you, click here:

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2 Responses to “3 Questions to Release You From Your “Funk””

  1. Jonny Lipsham

    Like this post very much, Joe. Old? Nah – the thirties are FUN! I have vague recollections of turning thirty. Fart? Hmmmmm……will have to ask around about that! LOL

    Glad you enjoyed your break. Those three questions are written up at the bottom of my screen, and I have a relevant post-it note attached to each one. When complete, the post-it gets satisfyingly destroyed. Those questions have really helped me keep the groove going and keep productivity up over the last almost 25 years I have been at this music business professionally.

    Thanks for the reminder as to WHY they are such a help!

    Hope your birthday was filled with hilarity and fun!


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