You want to be a better engineer, right? I assume that’s why you read Home Studio Corner and subscribe to my newsletter.

Over the last year I can see areas where I have become a better engineer, and I thought I’d share a few tips with you to help YOU get better, too.

Here’s the video:

And here’s the link to Mix With Us if you’re ready to take the plunge and get seriously better at mixing. See you there!

(I need 10 comments before I’ll post again tomorrow.)

  • Steve

    Hey Joe.
    You got a mention in the SonicState Sonic Talk podcast yesterday for this article.

    Check it out.
    Podcast: Sonic TALK180 – Mixing It Up

    You may wanna check it out as they don’t necessarily agree with you on every point.

    • Thanks for the link, Steve! Very interesting. That one guy didn’t seem to like me very much. 😉

      • Steve

        thought you might be interested..

        Well he disagreed with what you said on a number of things actually as did some of the others.

        And the one you mentioned has been around for a while mind you so have the others and mixed both in s studio and on a live desk for some fairly major artists.

        Shame Rich Hilton wasn’t there as he is a top studio engineer and has engineers for some fairly big names. But he was unavailable.. I would have been interested in his comments.

    • aLf

      Hi Joe.
      You also got a mention in the Musotalk podcast in Germany at 2010-06-25 for this article/video.

      From 24:18 to 30:58 they discuss your point of view. Of course they didn´t agree with you on every point, but the discussion was nicer as in the Sonic Talk podcast.

      Keep up the good work, mate!

  • Great post I know we are all guilty of having many projects and nothing to show. I know my mixes have improved and will continue to learn along the way. I ordered my sound treatment for my room. Thanks Wayne

    Congrats on the little one on the way. Your life will forever change, in a good way.

  • I took your advice and started mixing a few older ideas that I have had sitting around. I tend to have a lot of “ideas” and not “songs” on my computer right now, I’m working on changing that. Thanks Joe!

  • christopher [chrisw92]

    guilty as charged, I don’t finish songs I really should… also I haven’t yet (just got back from holiday) but I am going to watch the live mixing thing, which I’m exited about watching.

  • Thanx for the tips brother Joe. It’s really essential to capitalize on what you already have to achieve great results.

    I love your tips Keep ’em coming!

  • Otávio de Lima

    Hey man! Your videos and your home studio experience really inspire me. Congratulations for you work and greetings from Brazil!

  • Kevin Hilman

    I find that lack of inspiration is the cause of so much of my unfinished work. I have a folder full of half complete ideas that I just couldn’t get jazzed about enough to complete.
    Luckily my muse came to me this past weekend and I think I’ve got the makings of what I feel will be a decent song. Now I’m just going to commit to focusing on this one and not work on other projects till this one is comlete. 🙂

  • Essential tips, congratz!

  • GlenK

    Great post Joe, Again, you’re inspiring and I agree with everything you said. Now if I can just complete my projects I’d be much happier. Thanks for what you do. Please keep it up.

  • thanks for posting this heads-up, joe!

    “finishing takes more discipline than starting”

    that’s the point that resonated the most in me. i just took a look at my “music projects” folder. you don’t even want to know how many incomplete files are lurking in there!

    i don’t need any more gear (except for MoPADs). i need discipline.

  • rick

    FIRST! Ha, I hate that…

    Good points and ideas, bro!

    • ViscoelasticMan

      With the new upside-down comment ordering, you’re more like LAST!