Welcome to another round of the HSC Podcast!

Show Notes:

Do you listen to the podcast? Let me know by leaving a comment here. I’ve found it takes me longer than I thought to put together the podcasts each week, so I may drop down to bi-weekly, but I’d love to hear your opinion.

I need 10 comments before I post again next week. Thanks!

  • Matthew Daumas

    Is it ok for pedals to receive line level signal from your interface versus the instrument level signal it usually receives from guitars? Does that make any difference? Are there benefits to using a reamp box in this scenario?

    • It won’t hurt anything, but you may or may not have some clipping and/or a dramatic change in tone.

      To be honest, I’ve only done a tiny bit of reamping, but I’ve played around with the idea of getting a reamp box. What I’m thinking right now is that if I’m reamping a guitar part that needs to be literally re-amped through the guitar amp, then a reamp box makes sense, since it will match the impedance, etc. etc.

      But if I’m taking a vocal and putting it through a guitar amp, more as an effect than a true “re-amping” situation, I don’t think the reamp box is necessary, as long as I get the levels how I want them.

      I could be wrong, though.

  • Joseph J.

    I listen to and enjoy the podcast. Weekly is awesome, but totally understand if it takes too much work to do weekly. I subscribe in iTunes so I just get them whenever they’re up. BTW, thanks for answering my Google Voice mail on this episode!

  • Vito Porkleone

    Joe –

    I really enjoyed the 30-minute mix. I haven’t begun recording yet… I am researching, and soaking up everything I can before I begin in a few months. I have devoured everything I can find on your blog, but I got more out of listening to the mix session than I can say. Once I “heard” what you were doing with your mixes, so much just clicked.

    Looking forward to another session, and when I get up and running, I’ll definitely join you for MixWithUs.

  • Dan Webb

    Hey Joe. Loved the Mix Session the other night. Thanks. One question about that. You started with complete tracks which looked like they were bounced from a tracking session and dropped into a new session. Is that how you do the mixing phase? Start a clean session with bounced tracks. Just curious. I normally track, edit, mix and master in the same session. I think next song I am going to try to bust it up. To the following:
    Ses. 1 = Track and edit -> bounce to tracks.
    Ses. 2 = Mix -> bounce to stereo
    Ses. 3 = Master

    Does this make sense.

    BTW – Love the podcast but can understand limiting the time spent on it. Who can complain about awesome content for FRRREEEE (I totally heard Big Al say that). 🙂


    • Hey Dan. No, I didn’t drop the tracks into a new session. I simply consolidated the audio files from my tracking/overdub session. That way all of my audio files are the exact same length, so if I need to access them later from another DAW platform, I’ve got whole audio files to work with. These are also the files I send to members of

  • David S.

    i definitely listen to the podcast. i like you verbally responding to our emails and questions.
    keep it up Joe!

  • Manuel

    Great podcast, I am going to try the fx with my pedal, lest see how it goes.

    Saludos desde Panamá.

  • Heath

    Do you have a RSS feed so I can download your podcast to my zune???

  • joe, in my opinion, it’s ok if you want to do this podcast every other week. content is king, and if you need two weeks to put together a killer podcast, then go ahead!

    that small hiatus between podcasts gives me time to think about what you talk about and apply it. i couldn’t resist it anymore, so i’m remixing my former band’s EP! the results are rather pleasing -it’s like sonic puberty 😀

    i know i said i was gonna attend the live mix session, but i had to be somewhere else -mixing a 3-song demo at a friend’s home studio!

    while he has the money to put together a nice basic setup (m-audio USB interface, audix mics and pro tools), he doesn’t have the time to learn how to use it properly -that’s where i come in! i’d be nothing without HSC, so thanks, joe, yet again. 😀

    • “sonic puberty” — cool description, lol. sounds like a punk band name!

  • I listen in @ work or home, enjoy it a lot. I’ve liked hearing them each week, but I totally understand if you need to scale back with everything you’ve got going on. Either way, thanks for taking the time and doing these!

  • The Podcast is usually up in the morning so its nice to listen to with my morning coffee. Some of the Ask Joe stuff has been handy, and its nice to hear announcements about upcoming things in the podcast too. Keep it up 😉

  • Todd Cumpston

    I listen to the podcast… since I have an hour drive one-way to work, it’s my time to catch up on stuff. Thanks for doing what you do!