3 Responses to “7 Seconds to a Better Drum Sound [Video]”

  1. teddy

    amazing tip! huge difference on that drum buss! now, i just wish i could subscribe to this site via rss on feedly!!!!!

  2. Joe May

    You probably get this a lot, but thank you so much for running this site and sharing your knowledge for free! I’m 18, and trying to get into the production world. I’ve been recording my own stuff at home since I was 15, but lately, I’ve felt like I stopped learning anything new. I was thinking about going to college for production, maybe IPFW. I went to Sweetwater to talk to someone about what they think of it. They told me to just keep recording and producing myself and my friends’ bands, but they also gave me the link to this site. I’m EXTREMELY grateful, it’s like everything I struggle with has been addressed here. So, yeah, thank you. I’ve already noticed big differences in how I approach my work after discovering this site earlier this week.

  3. TimArt

    Wow, even listening to this video on the built in iPhone speaker I can still hear a drastic change in the tone and balance of the drums!
    Great Tip
    Thanks Joe!


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