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  1. Bill

    Hello Joe , I watched your Video and was wondering , couldn’t you just buy a TRS patchbay and set up a Split Console useing your Snake.

  2. Huey Falls

    Great podcast, I love the way you and Ben bounced ideas and tips off of each other great podcast. Thanks a bunch, I thought I have a curse or maybe a little OCD about the way I listen to music. I have always listen to music not as the big picture, I break down the song and listen to the scape of the song pin pointing out each performance of the musicians and vocalist. I listen to faint sounds that make the song special. I quess this is a God send and you and Ben showed me the light of my ways and how it can work for me.
    SGT Huey Falls USMC Ret.

  3. Will

    I think this is a really good idea. I’ve actually been using a snake for a couple of years now. Instead of the way you use it, I have it so that I can record in another room. I have my mixer and computer in one room (a control room), and then the 50′ snake goes into another room where my drums, amps, and other instruments are kept. It’s been immensely helpful with my recordings.

  4. Ben Reeve

    Perfect solution for the home studio. I currently have about 5 mic cables running back there. Great work again!

  5. Matias Ezequiel

    Where I live (Argentina), all of the major recording studios use snakes to go from the recording rooms to the mixer. Great video

  6. Jacque

    Haha, sounds like a pretty good argument for why and how to use a snake. But doesn’t really say much about doing what a patchbay does. No matter, always great to hear from you!

  7. -

    Thanks Joe, You always seem to be making podcasts about subjects I’m thinking about.
    I already have a snake on my “wish list” for all those same reasons.
    I’m hoping to record drums/amps in my garage, adjacent to my den/studio and a snake is just what the Dr. ordered.

  8. joe kh

    this is not a patchbay ! what if i want to patch a EQ to a comp or i have more than one EQ And Comp for taste ?!

  9. Dan Isai Rodriguez Fuentes

    Thank you Joe, That´s a Great solution when your home studio is getting bigger, in a near future I´m gonna try it cause that patch bay is not an easy thing to handle, I even failed the SSL’s patch bay test at school. That patch bay was perfectly labeled but I couldn´t send the sound out to the interface 🙁

  10. Rob Wing

    Love the snake idea. Been doing that for a long time now. I have one 16x4x50′ snake to get from my control room to my “big” room (it’s a living room). I found this company a while back,, and purchased a panel with 8 xlr’s (they’l do any combination) which was very cost effective. The panels come wired with whatever length you want. This way, I can keep my short runs in my control room, for vocals, guitar bass, etc, but when I want to record a band live, I can run the snake out to my big room.

    I wanted to figure out how a patch bay worked, so I purchased a behringer from GC. It’s a cool way to set things up, but I don’t have much outboard gear, so it’s way overkill. In fact, I don’t have anything plugged in the front of it. I guess the lesson is worth the $100 I spent for the patch bay and cables. Kinda ugly from the back, but makes the front nice.

  11. Carl

    Hey Joe, …that s not a patchbay AT ALL! 🙂
    How would you patch the right output of your Interface into the left input of your ADL700 and from there to your headphone amp to remike your BANJO ?!?
    I do like the main concept to have a snake running to the preamps – well unless you might want to close the door to that room where my JCM 800 is roaring with all his mighty 100watts …
    Keep up making all the great content for us !


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