• Pete Woj

    I forget what tutorial/educational vid I was watching on youtube, but the guy on camera was talking about gear (all kinds… plugins, guitars, outbid gear, mics, amps, etc). He said a super brilliant thing that resonated w/ me…. “Its better to know your gear really really well than to have lots of gear.” Id say that applies to your acoustic discovery. You KNEW the 314 very well, and you’ve been learning your J-45. Im willing to bet you knew that LDC pretty dang well too 🙂 Good stuff, bro.

  • Carl

    Good one!
    If you care – I have another one to share 😉
    Some week ago I wanted to record a quick memo of a riff I liked, and it happened that the only mic that was hooked up from a cajon session the day before was a boundary mic (sennheiser e901 I think) – since all I wanted to do was a quick memo I simply sat it on the table next to my laptop and hit record… BOOOM! I liked the sound so much that I actually re-recorded a guitar I already had recorded for another project! I guess it depends a great deal on the guitar and the room you re in – but if an acoustic is not fitting in the mix, and you can t (or don t want to) switch to another guitar, it s really worth trying that one!
    You need to have a boundary mic though…uh – maybe I can trade in that wool jacket I got for something like a … boundary mic?!?