What if I told you that these 9 super-cool engineers helped me create an awesome new training product for you?

Pretty cool, right? I told some of my newsletter subscribers about this yesterday. Today, it’s my pleasure to introduce to you Home Recording Tactics, a series of 9 interviews the very attractive gentlemen you see in the picture above.

To find out more head over to:


Go getcha some…there’s a fantastic introductory price. Awesome value.

3 Responses to “Announcing: Home Recording Tactics”

  1. Christopher w

    as Julian said, obviously a no brainer for that price.

    can I ask when the price/offer-thing is going back up again cause I don’t know if waiting a few days whilst “santa” goes shopping would ruin getting into this at such a low price.

  2. Julian

    Pounced on this yesterday, no-brainer at this price – tremendous value! Listening to Slau’s interview now. These will be a permanent presence on my iPod, no doubt. Loved the clear double-ender style, sounded like you all were in the same room during the interviews.
    Thanks so much to ALL of you for doing this, to benefit from all the experience & takes on the recording/production process here is beyond valuable.
    Mic/sig-chain obsession curiosity: it would be cool to hear everyone’s chain in interviews (I know, I know – it’s about the ear, not the gear — but I couldn’t resist!)

    • Phil Harmon

      I second that Julian. I’m only halfway through the interviews. Good insight into various sides of this hobby/industry, etc.


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