My wife and I have a psychotic cat. His name’s Wayne.

Wayne does this really annoying thing at night. When we let him outside, he runs around for a while, then he jumps up into the window next to our living room couch. And scratches.

“Scratch, scratch, scratch.”

He knows it annoys me.

Eventually I get up, go to the door, and let him in.

2 minutes later, he’s at the door, meowing for me to let him out again.

It drives me CRAZY.

He can’t make up his mind. He spends all his time whining to go outside or whining to come back inside.

It’s a vicious, maddening cycle.

But sadly that describes a lot of home studio folks.

They run around like Wayne the Psycho Kitty, jumping from one piece of gear to the next. One minute they think they need a new mic. The next minute they need a new preamp or interface.

Then they insist they “need” to upgrade all their software to have the “latest features.”

They CLAIM they love music and love to record, but the reality is they’re simply GEAR COLLECTORS.

They haven’t finished a song in months, maybe years. Yet they keep whining that their recording rig is somehow inadequate or unacceptable.

“As soon as I have this final piece to the puzzle, I’ll record all the time!”

News Flash: You won’t.

You’ll be just like Wayne, as soon as you get what you THINK you want, two minutes later you’ll be whining for the next thing.

Stop the madness.

If you’re not making music, you’re missing the point entirely.

Do you want people to say:

“Wow, his recordings sound great!”


“Wow, he’s great at buying gear!”


Your choice.

9 Responses to “Annoyingly Indecisive Psycho Kitty”

  1. ironman2819

    The problem isn’t that your cat is psycho…. Cats are nocturnal by nature.

  2. Todd Kreigh

    Absolutely great point about gear acquisition. That’s the merry-go-round I was on for years. Finally started building songs and getting into it. There is nothing like the “morning after” of a good recording, the kind where you can’t wait to go to work so you can listen to your recording in the car.

    Solve the cat problem by getting him a pet window. I have one for my two cats. Totally solves the problem:

  3. Papaye

    Put him down to the ground – problem solved.You don’t need mastering because your sound deserve it.

  4. Michael

    Yep, used to do it too! “If I only had…”.

    These days I make a conscious effort to stay lean-n-mean; not always easy but costs much less. Interestingly, the amount of gear has lessened while my mixes have gotten better.

    I don’t even tell some people what I have because they’d laugh; so I’ll just let my mixes do the talking.

    My gear: 5 year old HP Pavilion Laptop; REAPER; M-Audio AV40 monitors; M-Audio KeyRig 49; BeyerDynamic DT-770 Pro headphones; Alesis MultiMix4; guitars: nice acoustic, cheap bass, cheap electric; MXL 603 mic; cables etc.

    However, last year this same gear garnered me one award and one nomination for album production. I genuinely don’t say this to brag, but to make the point that it’s you making good use of your gear to get good mixes.

    There are times when a gear upgrade truly is needed. Do your research and make well informed decisions; but also keep in mind an upgrade does not always need to be from computer speakers as monitors to Genelec monitors; grow a little bit at a time.

  5. Stromer

    As I walked into a music store last weekend, there was someone (a “Wayne” type) who wanted to do some home recording. BUT, he couldn’t do anything until he got a specific piece of gear. He stated that without this item, there was no point in recording.

  6. Jerry

    Ii have a kitty a little worse than yours i can relate. But i agree i was like that to when i started out i would demo every plugin i could buy some expensive ones not use em than one day i sat down looked at all my random stuff and just started getting into it. now i rarely buy anything new when i do its stuff like a small amount of foam for the room, or your understanding eq video stuff that i can benefit from and use right away.

    and a side note i learned how to use all the stuff i had gotten sold most of it but kept a nice interface some good speakers and a small bundle of plugins. not to mention a few decent mics

  7. Raphael Cassis

    Lol, “Wayne the Psycho Kitty” that was funny!

    Sure Joe, you helped me a lot in stop with this madness.


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