I recently emailed a lot of people on my mailing list, letting them know about the Ask Joe portion of the website. I got a TON of responses, more than I could feasibly write responses to in the HSC forums or here on the blog.

So, to both save some time and also answer all of these questions, I sat down this morning recorded my response to each of them…all thirty of ’em. 🙂

There are all sorts of questions, and it was actually pretty fun answering them all. Enjoy!

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  • FamousPatrick

    Hey, Joe:

    Loved the “podcast” but have one thing FYI.

    You mentioned that most USB audio interfaces use USB 1.1; this is a mistake that I hear a lot from Mac people. I think you would find it nearly impossible to find a USB 1.1 interface that is sold today. I have two USB interfaces; a Line 6 Toneport UX2, which is able to record 2 stereo channels at a time. I also have an M-Audio FastTrack Ultra, 8 in / 8 out, which has 4 Octane preamps, instrument inputs, line inputs, channel inserts and SPDF in and out. It also can be used with PT M-Powered.

    I have yet to have my computer choke when I am recording, although I do admit I rarely record more than 4 tracks at a time.

    Thanks for all of your help.

    • Hey Patrick. You're right. There are those two, and there's one
      interface from MOTU that's USB 2.0. That's about it, though. I could
      certainly be wrong now, but 6 months ago while working at Sweetwater,
      I researched this stuff for 40+ hours a week for 3 years. There just
      weren't a lot of USB 2.0 interfaces in comparison to FireWire.

      • Hey Joe, I still work in retail. There's still really not a lot of USB 2.0 interfaces out there.

        The Native Instruments line is, Cakewalk has one, Emu has one I think, Motu has one thats USB2 OR Firewire. M-Audio has just 2. Digi has just the Eleven Rack. RME now has one. Apogee has 2 now I think.

        That seems like a lot, but there's at least 3x as many crappy usb 1 interfaces.

        Don't forget the benefit of daisy chaining your drives with your interface. NOT possible with USB devices.

        USB 3 is here now though and I hope it gets used in recording gear and not just ignored like Firewire 800 has been.

        I may be wrong but to date there has only been 1 FW 800 audio interface, the RME Fireface 800, and it didn't perform differently when using a FW400 connection.

        I'd love something like the digi 96i/o or 192 with a FW 800 connection instead of PCIe.

        • famouspatrick

          Well, since I haven't worked in retail since the 1970's, I guess I'll have to admit that I don't know as much as I thought about this. Maybe I just have an auto filter in my brain that eliminates anything that says USB 1 on it.

          Thanks for the update.