I get lots of questions. This particular one made me want to do a video. Special thanks to Tom, one of my newsletter subscribers.

  • jzdee

    Thanx so much for the info. I have always found it difficult to figure this one out as well:
    On some of my sessions, when say I’m doing an edit in say the middle of a song. For some reason, when I press the space bar I have to liston to the whole song again from the beginning. Really sux when you are working in the middle to have to deal with this every time…..

  • Ron Streicher

    Page Scrolling does not seem to work during recording, however. Is there something I am missing, or is this a feature that no longer exists in PT LE?

    Please respond via e-mail.
    Ron Streicher

    • It’s under the “Options” menu I believe.

  • Paul dews

    Hi Joe, thanks for the great videos and articles which are really helping me a lot. Can you tell me how to get the scroll bar to return to exactly the point it started from when I press the space bar to stop playback? It used to do this but now I have to keep clicking on a memory location marker to get back to where I was in a particular point in the track. I don’t know what I’ve done to disable this function, it was really useful. Cheers, Paul, (one of your English followers).

  • AJRussell

    Nice video, it’s good to know where these options are hidden in Pro Tools.

    Is there a way of scrolling left and right manually without using the mouse? We use a D-Control surface at college, which has a hideous rollerball instead of a mouse, with no scroll wheel. We try to use the keyboard as much as possible, but there doesn’t seem to be a way to scroll around the project. Any ideas?

    • Hmm…good question. I really don’t know on that one. Maybe consult the D-Control manual. I bet there’s a button on there somewhere for it.