Image by DTGraphix

Today HSC officially has a podcast! You should be able to access it in the iTunes store now. Home Studio Corner…on your iPod…sweet.

Secondly, how do you like the “Ask Joe” logo? Very cool, right? Thanks to Dave of DTGraphix. He did an awesome job. He also designed the Understanding Pro Tools banners. If you have any graphic design needs, be sure to check him out.

Enjoy the podcast! I mention yesterday’s blog post somewhere in there. Here’s the link for you to check that out if you haven’t already.


  • Brian

    Don’t hate me. But kinda sounds like One Voice by Barry Manilow.

  • Love the logo, it’s awesome for “Shure”! 😉 I think the UPT logo is awesome too. Thanks for the iTunes link and making this a podcast now, it’s easier to subscribe and throw it on the iPhone for those days I’m stuck down in the data center working (like today).

    Told ya already but I’ll say it again, BGVs sound great – can’t wait to hear it all w/ the guitar & bass etc. Awesome tip using Xpand/synth to add a little fullness to the BGV tracks. Very cool.

    Re: Mixing course. I REALLY hope enough people consider signing up for the e-mail interest list for this possible Mixing course based on the album tracks If anyone is wondering what I’m talking about, listen to the podcast and then go one post back and sign up! /plug

  • Cool logo. You can have stickers made at Contagious Graphics for cheap. I’d do it, and plaster them everywhere in Nashville! Just throw the website down at the bottom.

    • THIS!

      /agree w/ Joel. Print ’em up! I’ll throw a few around DFW for ya.