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  • Joe,

    I really like the podcasts. I wish you would do more. You have a nice voice for broadcast. And you are very comfortable. I was thinking to try podcasting in my new site… just taking some lessons.

    OK here is my setup:
    Pro Tools 8 LE
    Cubase 4 + 5
    Digidesign 003R+ w/ BLA Signature Mod
    BLA PM8 Summing Amp
    Focusrite ISA One
    BLA Auteur
    Dorrough 280D x 2
    FMR Audio RNC x 3
    FMR Audio RNLA
    Joe Meek MC2
    TK BC1
    TC Electronics BMC2
    Yamaha HS80M
    MXL v69ME w/ MJE Mod
    RODE NT1a w/ MJE Mod
    MXL 602S w/ MJE Mod x 2
    Shure SM57 x 4
    Audix Drum Mics

  • Correction:
    Hi, I left a message a few days back about gears I would recommend.

    The Headphones I’m using is AJKG K702 and not 271.
    Sorry for the mistake.



  • Hey Joe

    I have the HD280s and the HD600s, the HD600s are EXCELLENT for mixing, especially with 112db’s Redline Monitor plugin. I don’t know the differences between the 600s and the 650s you’re looking at but they’re definitely a great investment.

    They’re also wonderful for listening with (I did a huge blog post about headphone listening –

    Good luck with the move and the studio build, looking forward to seeing the finished results!

    • Nice post! You’re totally right. There’s something really special about listening to music on headphones. I’m starting to like mixing on headphones too. 🙂 I wrote something fairly similar here:

      • I have some Sony MDR-700’s I planned to toss after I got my Sennheiser headphones, but I found the Sonys really are pretty decent for some mixing uses…I would see myself doing a lot of track-editing on headphones, and then a fair amount of mixing with them before finally moving on to the near fields etc. Especially doable with something like that that Redline Monitor plugin, that is my discovery of the day, thx for sharing!

  • I found this on youtube for the person having the -6086 Error.

    And DUC links.

  • Mike

    Hey Joe, Great podcast!
    Good luck with the new imac, When ya gonna breakdown and just
    get the Mac Pro tower? Forget about the wife and bills!!!LOL
    That’s what I did…got a loan…(wife even co-signed) got everything
    i needed. Oh yeah, I had to fight her tooth and nail to make it happen but when she see’s the money I get for scoring films, she soon agreed. LOL!!! Anyway hope you don’t have too many issues
    upgrading to Snow Lep. Good luck with the new house too!
    Peace Mike

  • Ricky

    Hi Joe, great podcast as usual. I am using the same IMac you are ordering with Pro Tools LE 8.0.3cs2. It works great now but initially, I had some issues. I ordered the Bluetooth keyboard and mouse with mine and while I did the optimization for everything else, I thought I could get by without turning off the Bluetooth and wi-fi.

    Long story short, the IMac and Pro Tools will not get together with BlueTooth engaged. I had to get a wired keyboard and mouse. Also, since I turn off the wi-fi whenever I am using Pro Tools, it has worked flawlessly. The new update “cs2″ seems to have solved a bunch of issues. I love the IMac. Best computer investment I have ever made. In fact, we put my wife’s Dell Laptop down and got her a 21” IMac as well. Good luck. You will absolutely love working with it.

    My only small issue is that I needed to get an external USB add on. After the Keyboard/mouse, ILOK, an external drive (for non music storage) and my MBox, there isn’t much left. The firewire 800 is great though but be prepared with a 400 to 800 adapter for older firewire HD’s…Ricky

    • Thanks Ricky!! I was toying with the idea of the 13″ Macbook Pro, but the iMac has SO much more value for the exact same amount of money. 🙂

      I’ll probably send my Macbook into the shop to hopefully fix a few of the issues, so I can still be portable. I’m excited about the iMac.

      It comes with a wireless Apple keyboard and wireless Magic Mouse, so hopefully those will work well together. I also made sure to order a FW800 to 400 cable, and I’ve got a little USB hub, too. Sweet.

      • Ricky

        The Wireless Keyboard and Magic Mouse are what I m talking about. They operate on Bluetooth. You have to turn off Bluetooth with Pro Tools so the Magic mouse and Keyboard , no matter how good will have to be replaced….