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Is it just me, or are the weeks flying by MUCH faster than they were a few weeks ago? It’s probably just me.

Enjoy Listening!

Topics from the show:

  • Multi-Band compression
  • Headphones/Ohms
  • Getting rid of “squeaks” in an acoustic guitar track
  • Maxim (plug-in) and mastering

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3 Responses to “Ask Joe #27 – Multi-Band Compression, Headphones, and more [HSC Podcast]”

  1. Randy Coppinger

    I think acoustic guitar squeaks _could_ be an issue of playing. But if they are really obnoxious, I would expect mic choice and placement are significant factors too. And as you mentioned, a lot of compression can bring that forward too. If you need that much compression that again points back to mic and placement, in my opinion.

  2. Julian

    Haha congrats on the 1st voicemail, very good question & answer. Good point taking a really low/rumbling note/segment from a bass track and duplicating it, then just delete that segment from the original track and do the effect that section on a separate track. But I guess if it’s the entire bass track it gets more difficult.
    De-esser on the guitar track to tame squeaking sounds pretty cool. 😉 I tend to agree, I like to hear some string squeaks…just is more organic and authentic-sounding.

    I’ve got a question I was gonna send in but I guess I’ll go ahead and give the voicemail a go – look for it Monday!

    Can’t wait to hear about the special guests will be, but I think I figured out who they’ll be. 😛



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