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Is it just me, or are the weeks flying by MUCH faster than they were a few weeks ago? It’s probably just me.

Enjoy Listening!

Topics from the show:

  • Multi-Band compression
  • Headphones/Ohms
  • Getting rid of “squeaks” in an acoustic guitar track
  • Maxim (plug-in) and mastering

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  • I think acoustic guitar squeaks _could_ be an issue of playing. But if they are really obnoxious, I would expect mic choice and placement are significant factors too. And as you mentioned, a lot of compression can bring that forward too. If you need that much compression that again points back to mic and placement, in my opinion.

  • Haha congrats on the 1st voicemail, very good question & answer. Good point taking a really low/rumbling note/segment from a bass track and duplicating it, then just delete that segment from the original track and do the effect that section on a separate track. But I guess if it’s the entire bass track it gets more difficult.
    De-esser on the guitar track to tame squeaking sounds pretty cool. 😉 I tend to agree, I like to hear some string squeaks…just is more organic and authentic-sounding.

    I’ve got a question I was gonna send in but I guess I’ll go ahead and give the voicemail a go – look for it Monday!

    Can’t wait to hear about the special guests will be, but I think I figured out who they’ll be. 😛