Big news, folks!

I’m resurrecting the Home Studio Corner Podcast! More specifically, I’m resurrecting Ask Joe.

Ask Joe was a feature I had on the site when I first started it back in 2009. It turned into an Ask Joe Podcast, which then morphed into the “Home Studio Corner Podcast,” and the “Ask Joe” part of it kinda died out.

Then (as you probably know) last year I joined forces with Graham Cochrane of to start the Simply Recording Podcast.

BUT…I still get lots of questions, and I want to answer as many as I can and help as many of my subscribers as I can, SO…I’m bringin’ back Ask Joe!

The easiest way to ask a question is to head over to That’ll take you to the right place.

As Home Studio Corner grows, it becomes harder and harder to return every single email I get. This podcast will allow me to answer questions more efficiently (and in more detail) than I could do via email.

So, grab a cup of coffee, and take a listen to the resurrected Home Studio Corner Podcast.


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10 Responses to “Ask Joe #29 – The Resurrection of the HSC Podcast!”

  1. chrisw92

    Oi you, you said it was perfectly fine ‘unsubscribing’ from the iTunes podcast of this. Now I have to click a whole 3 buttons to get it again. You sir have made me disgruntled (using words like that, I think I need some coffee) in the morning only to please me once the thought of AskJoe returns had sunk into my head.

    joking aside, have you actually recorded your piano properly yet? (as in not on the 1 hour challenge)

    • Joe Gilder

      Ha ha ha…you’re hilarious.

      I’ve not recorded it “properly” yet. I was going to just record a bunch of different mic placements, but then I figured I’d wait until I’ve got guitars tracked for this upcoming album and “test as I go” while recording piano parts for that record.

  2. CameronN

    So you are using Studio One a lot? I also saw on a post that you got rid of your 003 (I think it was in your week long fight against control surfaces). You should do another studio tour!



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