In this week’s episode, I talk about how to use “good” stress to help you make better music. I also answer questions about:

  • using external hard drives
  • creating instrumental music
  • dealing with slower computers
  • getting better at playing to a click
  • acoustic treatment (how far to go)
  • getting honest feedback on mixes


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  • Noah

    I had a similar experience yesterday. I had a client want to record an acoustic song, and he wanted to do it all live. It’s was me on guitar, the client on vocals, and his friend on a cajon. We sat on stools in a kind of triangular formation and only had four mics (two on the cajon).

    Because of all the bleed, we had to get a solid full take. I’d never recorded a song completely live before, but it proved to be a really good experience and sounds pretty good! #GoodGrief