In this week’s episode, I talk about those times when you just don’t feel like getting any work done in the studio, and what I do about it. Also, I answer some great questions about stuff like:

  • getting started with acoustic treatment
  • how to record and mix claps
  • using clip gain vs automating
  • dealing with constant noise (like amp buzz) in a recording
  • how many clients to take on at once
  • how long it takes me to set up a session


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  • JeffF

    Hey Joe, RE: Noise, for amp noise, AC noise, etc. there is a great plug-in that can be very helpful it is part of the REAPlugs Pack, from REAPER. I believe it is free! it is called REAComp.
    It has a LISTEN function where it will build a profile of the noise and then you turn off the LISTEN function and play it back, minus the noise.
    I’ve used it very successfully on both AC noise and Amp noise. When it works for the track, it is golden!

  • Nadeem Merchant

    amp noise for the win!!

  • Nadeem Merchant

    I’ve been grumpy about a school project that I need to do. I’m creating video lessons and I downloaded a new program that I thought would cut my productivity time in half, but it has ended up not working well at all. I ended up recorded 5 takes of the same video because there was something wrong with each one. Then on the final take I though I did everything correctly, but the video cut off half way through for some unknown reason!!!! grrrrrrrr….. I haven’t been productive since yesterday and I’m behind my schedule I set for myself… I’m “grumpy”. And I think tonight I’ll try one more take to see if it works. I just got to force myself to do it. It’s your idea, I blame you. I could just be sitting in front of the tv for the rest of the evening…=) Thanks for all that you do.

    • πŸ™‚ technology is the worst sometimes.

  • ironman2819

    …eh…. 107… LOL! That was funny!!!

  • Fred Rock

    Is it just me or does the podcast cut off at the 22:30 mark? Tried it in 2 separate computers and same thing…. just an fyi

    • Oops! My bad. Will fix it. Thanks Fred.

      • ironman2819

        Now it says “File Not Found” πŸ™

        • Okay it’s fixed now. Thanks for the catch!