Today I talk about taking your own advice when it comes to big decisions about your studio and projects. I also share a little bit about my plans for tracking my upcoming album. And I answer some great questions about stuff like:

  • Achieving “depth” in a mix
  • How to do a good gear review
  • Dealing with room noise
  • Dealing with tinnitus
  • Recording tracks for someone else to mix

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  • Great stuff, as usual. My hearing only goes up to a sharp cut-off at 15K, but I’ve learned to deal with it and compensate in just the way you mentioned. References are very powerful things! Thanks Joe – :^)

  • Jordan

    Great pod as always, but I wanted to let you know, it’s ‘Tin-it-us’ not ‘tin-ight-is’.

    -Itis is a term that denotes inflammation, so if you have tin-itis, you have inflammation of your tin foil. Ringing in the ear is tin-it-us šŸ˜›

  • Shaun

    Thanks for the advice Joe!