After a much-needed week off, I’m back with another episode of “Ask Joe,” where I discuss a simple way to help you get “unstuck” when you’re feeling overwhelmed.

I also answer questions about stuff like:
  • how to save time when backing up large sessions
  • getting rid of acoustic guitar fret noise
  • using (or not using) a click track
  • varying the tempo of a song
  • drum editing


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2 Responses to “Ask Joe #115 – A Formula for Getting Unstuck”

  1. Don Clarke

    I haven’t read your opinions on tempo variation, but we should all know that in the world of REAL music, rubato (tempo variation to create expression), is essential. I have been working exclusively in a DAW environment for 15 years, playing and/or programming all the instruments myself, and often program tempo changes into my arrangements in order to make the productions sound more “real”.
    Monkeyshine Music
    South Africa

    • Joe Gilder

      I agree it can be very helpful. But I would pose the idea that not all music needs tempo variations, and I would still count that as real music.


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