In this week’s episode, I talk about a new way I’ve been experimenting with effects sends while mixing. I also answer questions about stuff like:

  • “printing” EQ/compression on tracks
  •  getting rid of choir sibilance
  •  getting rid of static noise
  •  tips for programming MIDI drums
  •  my “gotta have” plugin
  •  dealing with low frequency problems in your room


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  • Armando R

    I have some insight on the midi drums stuff. I have an interface that has MIDI inputs/outputs, and as you mentioned, I have a really cheap Alesis drum set. This drum set has a velocity sensitivity so I’ve adjusted it to how i play (I’m not a real drummer) and i lay down a “sick beat” (in my mind its sick). Now i have invested in Ezdrummer and a few midi packs for ideas but mainly cause they have insanely good fills and since im no drummer, I insert them into my “sick beat”. I will say that that process now takes me a good 2-4 hrs depending on whether i have rehearsed the drum part myself. In any case quantizing makes drum editing super easy and quick. I also have Addictive Drums plug-ins, for more realistic sounds. Im a little more 180 from your method Joe but i enjoy programming :-). I will say that it will never sound as good as a real life drummer, but i think i can come close to it. OK ok… Ill get off my soap box. BTW your Out of Indiana Album inspired me to get involved with Midi drums and EZ drummer. Thanks

    Armando R, from EL Paso TX

  • David

    Parallel effects sounds like a good idea. Used with automation would be cool to.

    • Absolutely. I just automated a tremolo send on a lead guitar track. Epic.