This week I talk about my top microphone mistakes, plus I introduce you to my brand new tutorial product, Understanding Microphones.

I also answer questions about things like:
  • “checking” mixes in mono vs actually mixing in mono
  • what I look for in a mic stand (and how to make ’em last a long time)
  • the number one reason why you shouldn’t master your songs in your mixing session (and it’s not what you think)
  • preventing ear fatigue
  • why you shouldn’t only mix on earbuds (read this great article from Ian Shepherd)
  • headphone mix basics
  • fun way to maintain consistency when mixing an album

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  • Grena

    Grena here: Thanks for answering my question Joe. My first question went unanswered though. What does a headphone mix sound like? It may be a basic question for more experienced producers but for a beginner like my self I have no idea. Are all of the tracks in the daw the headphone mix or is there something else that should be done for it to be considered a “headphone mix”? Thanks as always.

    • Hey Grena,

      I think you might be overthinking things. A headphone mix is simply what the musician wants to hear in the headphones. For most people, it’s simply the same thing you hear coming out of your speakers. When people refer to “headphone mix,” they’re simply talking about what the person wearing the headphones is hearing. If the singer would like to hear more vocal and less drums, you accommodate them. Make sense?

      • Grena

        Absolutely!!! Thank you… Thats what I thought intially but the internet was making me think otherwise. Between listening to you & Graham I am getting better at the overall process and improving drastically thank you again.

        • Gotta watch out for the internet. 🙂