This week I talk about working in short bursts vs ongoing, regular, consistent work. And in the questions section, I answer your questions about stuff like:

  • best practices for setting levels (for recording, mixing, and mastering)
  • how I mix my podcast
  • using EQ plugins during tracking (why it’s not necessarily wrong)
  • tips for getting great guitar tone in-the-box
  • mixing levels
  • compensating for hearing loss
  • EQ-ing reverb
  • setting up a reference track

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4 Responses to “Ask Joe #120 – Sprints vs Marathons”

  1. Lennart G

    To the last question concerning pro tools and reference tracks. I think you could just route every track of your mix to an aux (maybe name it submix or something like that) that then goes to your master fader. You could then have your compression and other stereo bus processing on that submix. When you import the reference track just route it directly to your master fader so that it isn’t affected by the processing on the submix. You can then easily switch between your mix and the reference and even adjust it to be in a similar loudness range.


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