(By the way, we’re trying out Wednesdays as the new podcast day. Might be temporary, might be permanent. We’ll see.)
In this week’s episode we jump into LIMITERS. What are they? How do they work? How are they meant to be used?
And in the Q&A section I answered your questions about stuff like:
  • dealing with phase issues of doubled distorted guitars
  • the always-annoying “whiny frequency” (and how to avoid it)
  • are high-end A/D converters worth it?
  • pricing your services (a precise way to figure out how to quote a price to a potential client)

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2 Responses to “Ask Joe #121 – Take it to the Limit(er)”

  1. MB Francis

    Hey Joe–
    I think the guitar phase guy was asking about phase when you use two *mics* on the guitar cab, not two tracks. That’s what I heard,


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