This episode airs on the 2-year anniversary of the launch of Dueling Mixes. If you’ve never checked it out and would like a sneak peak, check this out:

Also in this episode, you’ll get to hear the new intro music for the podcast, and hear a little bit more about where that came from.

And in the Q&A section, I answered your questions about stuff like:

  • The role of a limiter (and there are limiters with attack controls on ’em??)
  • My Presonus Studio One FREE video tutorial series (
  • Using plugins like a channel strip for recording
  • sub-mixing tracks to save CPU
  • using multi-band compression on bass?

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  • Andrew Bauserman

    For Nadeem re: bass multi-band…

    On Pensado’s Place Episode 127 (around 27 minutes in), mixing great Jaycen Joshua gives away his secret formula for bass & kick side-chaining without it sounding side-chained or dipped.

  • MB Francis

    Hey Joe–
    Hey thanks for the response, some great tips, especially 1) *not* bouncing drums, 2) bouncing the edited audio before mixing, and 3) keeping edits in one session.

    On the digital clipping question, intentional clipping is pretty common in EDM:


  • Vega

    Great podcast! Why don’t you have dates on your posts?

    • Thanks!

      Good question. Mainly it’s because the dates are fairly irrelevant. There’s a tendency for people to disregard something on a website if they see it was written a few years ago. Everything I write, for the most part, is relavant no matter when you read it, so I removed dates to keep some of that from happening.