In this week’s episode, I talk about a recent epiphany I had, and how it helps me focus in the studio. Plus, I answer your questions about stuff like:

  • Using an external preamp with nicer headphones
  • 16-bit vs 24-bit vs 32-bit?
  • How to get consistency from one song to the next when mixing an album
  • Mixing (and miking) a cajon
  • Songwriting when you feel blue
  • Can you master without owning “mastering software”?

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11 Responses to “Ask Joe #124- The Three Evil C’s”

  1. Alek

    Hi Joe. Just so you know, the AskJoe Archives page ( stops at show #123. I visit the page weekly and seriously thought you started some hiatus until I saw an e-mail from you today about show #128, which made me wonder. The only way I could get here was to change 123 to 124 in previous show’s address (I guess there are other valid options, hence the previous comments). For me it’s cool, since I’ve 5 episodes of fun waiting to be played, but just thought you could check whether the show posts have their categories set ok. Cheers!

  2. Demetrios Leiloglou

    Great podcast as usual. Thank you so much for sharing about the three C’s. I struggle with this so much. Not just with my music but with my life. Life is a gift, we need to stop and enjoy it. We also need to keep creating and not be afraid to ship our music. You and Graham have really encouraged me with this. My music may not be as amazing as someone else but if it can encourage even one person then it’s worth it, so I’m gonna keep making it.

    BTW, I love Andy and Jill’s music but I really enjoy yours as well πŸ™‚

  3. Lennart G

    Thanks for answering my question, Joe! You really made the confusion go away. I’m definitely not going to bother getting an extra pre amp πŸ™‚

  4. Dan Alber

    You are doing good things for my heart with those delays. I’m proud of you, Joe. πŸ˜‰

  5. Jonny Lipsham

    Hi, Joe. To answer your question about the UK —- The United Kingdom is a Sovereign State, which consists of four Home Nation States – Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Thus, the UK is NOT England, and England is NOT the UK, but it is a PART of the UK.

    Unlike the US, we are not a Federation of states (….that could still happen in the near future) as the constitutional situation in the 308 year old Union modernises in light of the recent referendum on Scottish Independence that happened in Scotland in September, which resulted in a No vote win.

    There you go! Complicated! Hope that helps.

    PS: Great podcast! Hope the twins get well soon!


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