In this episode, I share with you the things I like to buy for my studio, and in the Q&A section, I talk about stuff like:

  • Should you mix your songs for people listening on earbuds?
  • What’s the deal with one-mic recording?
  • Techniques for dealing with very dynamic singers (really loud and really quiet, all in the same song)
  • Audio interface options for beginners
  • What sample rate and bit depth I use in all my recordings
  • Parallel processing via sends vs duplicating the track
  • What to do with reference tracks when bouncing down a mix

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8 Responses to “Ask Joe #132 – What I Buy For My Studio”

  1. Kjell159

    I added an erhu to my musical instruments.
    I still sound horrible though although sometimes I bow right and then it sounds pretty powerful.
    Even for not having a real python skind head and being the cheapest of the whole online shop.

      • Mark Bliss

        Erhu, Chinese fiddle. 2000 yr old design.
        “Erhu, Chinese for “two bow” or something similar.
        Two strings, and LOUD! (yes, I have one!) Very beautiful when played well. You dont want to hear me play. LOL!

  2. Phillip

    Hey Joe, on your bit about mixing for earbuds, if we shouldn’t “dumb-down” our mixes for lesser quality playback, then why do we use avantone mixcubes to double-check our mixes?


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