I shared this little secret with my Dueling Mixes members this month, but I want to share it on the podcast as well.

It has to do with a way of approaching a mix that virtually guarantees you’ll mix it better.

And in the Q&A portion of the podcast, I answered some really great questions about stuff like:

  • How to approach recording and mixing multiple electric guitars
  • How to record electric guitars with multiple microphones (and not have a huge headache later)
  • How to mix if you tend to “EQ” the sound of your car stereo or iPod
  • Thoughts on and other automatic mastering service

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8 Responses to “Ask Joe #136 – A Simple Mixing Secret”

  1. mark

    Excellent – thanks. Just about to go and purchase your EQ vids / resource.

  2. Alek

    I’ve just had sort of epiphany. I mix primarily on AKG Studio 271 headphones (no space for monitors at the flat for now), and listen to the music on some Creative gaming headphones at work or stock samsung earplugs when commuting. While the latter have the scooped out EQ curve by design, the AKGs are flat to say the least (actually, they sound midrange-heavy when compared directly). Now it’s obvoius to me why my mixes tend to sound like crap when taken out – I actually got used to smiley face in my ears, and not being aware of that tried to recreate that kind of sound on AKGs. So when I finish my mix being happy with the sound on AKGs, it’s going to sound awfully on phone because of the double smiley face – one induced by the earplug, the other created by me during mixing.
    So now I’m walking the city in my AKGs, listening through them to the stuff I know from my phone, trying to learn what “normal” sounds like on those headphones, and looking like an alien moron judging from the faces of people walking by. Luckily it’s still winterish, so at least I have some temperature isolation out of it, but I better learn those headphones before summer hits the road…

  3. Joseph

    Hey Joe, You may want to get as far away from the gas pump as you can when you guys fill up for your ski trip 🙂 Great Tips !

  4. SoulChorea

    LOL @ the “scary” cymbal swell…must be the same type of fear that gets triggered by those gawd-awful (but still kinda awesome) production company logo animations from the 70s and 80s. Anyway, thanks for the tips!


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