This week I announce a special remix contest using one of the songs from my upcoming album. The deadline for submissions is March 31, 2015. Full details and download links here:

And in the Q&A section of the podcast, I answer questions about stuff like:

  • higher sample rates – worth it?
  • drawing a good performance out of a client
  • good mics for recording drums
  • how to handle a project where two different people are mixing different songs

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  • Xan Angelfvkk

    It’s not very important to sample at higher sample rates if you are aiming for a CD release. It is quite possible that the benefit ov the higher sample rate is lost when you down convert back to 44.1KHz for CD. Unless, perhaps if you are doing analogue mastering and you go out at 96KHz (say) and then come back in at 44.1KHz ready for CD.

    The major issue with higher sample rates is that they eat up hard drive space and processor capacity. And if you go beyond 24 bit for the bit rate it’s highly possible that the extra bits above these are pretty much random noise bits anyway.

    Btw: I’m planning a *special* re-mix for you Joe..! 😉

    • vocal + cowbell + nothing else?

      • Xan Angelfvkk

        Actually, I had compleatly forgotten about cowbells. Great idea. 😉