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This week I share with you a simple technique to help your session setup (and your mixes) go more smoothly.

Plus, I answered your questions about stuff like:

  • XY Guitar/Vocal recording – good idea or bad idea?
  • What to do when your masters aren’t as loud as everyone else’s
  • How different genres achieve their signature sound
  • Recording electric guitars direct – clean vs dirty
  • How to set up headphone mixes for 5 people

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  • Wolfhard

    Searching for a sample on youtube I even found a shootout Bias vs Axe Fx. Fun to watch.

  • Wolfhard

    As for me I was always struggling with the recording of electric guitars whenever I did not record from an amp.
    I liked the sounds of amp simulations like the Engl Retro from the UAD, but I never liked to record a clean signal and run it through the software later because it seemed to not capture the feel that it should have. And vice versa when I tried to record through the amp plugin I was running into latency problems. Even though I upgraded to a lower latnecy interface (and I had a very low latency fancy interface already, the RME Fireface, I went for the ultra low latency RME PCI interface just to find that there is still audible latency that is anything else than cool)
    So I’d like to share what made me happy ultimately instead of spending horrible amounts of money on ultra low latency interfaces
    It is a simple idea that the Steinberg UR interfaces implemented: internal DSP effects including an amp simulation. I concede that it does not sound so amazing that I ever used the amp sounds, but they are really good enough to record. And it is such a pleasure to play and record without latency, even when the interface is set to a really lame latency, simply because the effects are onboard, a killer reverb for singing eg. The good thing is, the amp sounds dont go to tape. Therefore I can use my top amp simulations, eg the Engl on the UAD and my newest and favorite and cheapest killer amp simulation that comes very close to the Kemper (I checked it out) because the Steinberg has another advantage, it is fully compatible with the Ipad.
    That killer amp simulation cost me less than 10 $ and for another 10 you get a awesome FX pedal board simulation. A perfect duo, called Bias and JamUp Pro.
    This is a fullhearted recommendation and I really hope it will make some more people happy before spending a lot for amp simulations or hi end interfaces or even hardwarestuff like the Axe or such like. Trust me, if u dont have the Kemper, Bias will beat them all. And it offers endless variations of amps, because it is not an amp, it is an amp designer, where you so to speak wire your own amp through software.

    • My solution to that problem was the Avid Eleven Rack. Great amp simulation with low latency.