On this week’s free podcast (you knew I do a free weekly podcast, right?) I talk about the perils of tackling an ever-growing to-do list, and share a super-nerdy purchase I made recently to help with this.

And in the Q&A section, I answered questions about stuff like:

  • How to diagnose (and eliminate) guitar buzz
  • My thoughts on preamp emulators (this might surprise you)
  • Turning down potential client work
  • Mixing my own songs vs other people’s songs (and how I approach each)

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  • MB Francis

    It was the cable, gaaaaahhhhhh. So literally every cheap cable I’ve purchase from Guitar Center has now failed w/in 3 years…wow.

  • Leo Hajder

    you can rename the drive on the pc. right click on this pc, go to manage, storage, disk management(local). there you can change the drive letters. 🙂

    • Thanks Leo! I knew a genius would come along and answer this. 🙂


      • Leo Hajder

        i’m just glad i could help 🙂 after all, you help me all the time 😉