Today I talk about something that’s been on my mind lately, and in the Q&A section I answer your questions about stuff like:

  • My favorite new Studio One v3 feature
  • Dealing with annoying nasal frequencies on vocals
  • Battling harsh-sounding heavy electric guitars
  • My current parallel drum compression technique
  • Creating “lo-fi” loops
  • My motivation (both good and bad)

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2 Responses to “Ask Joe #147 – Your Studio’s MVP”

  1. Leo Hajder

    this is how i shape my guitars:
    – first, set the lp and hp. usually i cut quite a bit with the lp, and then, if i lose the guitars, i back it off until they come back in the mix. move the hp until you start to lose low end, then back it off just a bit.
    – after that, set a new eq band, quite narrow, and boost it to the max and search around for what sounds bad, and then cut that. it can be both in the mid and treble area, depending on the style. i cut the mids first, because it exposes the high end a bit more.
    – combine the LP and the high boost. if you can’t get it with just the LP, set it a bit dark, then boost a part of the treble area, usually right near the area your LP is. try it, sometimes it helps, sometimes it’s not needed.
    – sometimes bringing back some of rhe mids you had cut helps. it’s not the same when you listen in solo and in the mix.

    listen to the hp with the bass guitar and kick, don’t mask the bass with fat guitars. it’s better to leave them a little thin than a little boomy. use the lp to put the guitars between the drums and the vocals in the treble area.

    but, all of this i stole mainly from joe and graham… hope it helps 🙂

  2. Alek

    Joe, thank you so much. Not only for the answer to my question (my regards to the Scary Owen ;-), but also for your honesty in the rant section. It takes courage to open yourself up like this. I respect that very much. And strangely enough, what you say is very relevant to what I’m through right now. So thank you for a perspective and a light in a tunnel. All the blessings for you and your family!


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