In this episode I tell you about the all new EP Challenge, starting August 1, 2015. Check it out here.

And in the Q&A section I answered questions about stuff like:

  • Mixing vocals to a stereo instrumental track
  • Recording and mixing upright bass
  • Dealing with excessive brightness
  • Mid-side recording
  • How I do this podcast in an hour
  • The proper use of the Solo button in mixing

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2 Responses to “Ask Joe #148 – The EP Challenge”

  1. Lennart G

    Very nice podcast episode once again, Joe. Even though you forgot the characteristic “Boom” after the rant and before the music hits…

    I might join the challenge but won’t be able to raise the money to actually buy the product (although I think that that would help to actually get this done…)

    Concerning the upright bass question: I think you’re right about the slow attack but faster attack times can work really well for slower legato parts that are played with a bow where you just want that pad like sound in the mix…


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