This week my sweet twin Maggie makes an appearance on the intro (and she’s at the VERY end, too…wait for it. It’s pretty cute). If you’re on Twitter, you can follow me to get behind-the-scenes peeks as I record each week’s episode, plus other stuff via Periscope. Follow me here: @joegildermusic

On this week’s episode, I talked about new stuff with me and my studio, and I gave a long, in-depth answer to a GREAT question about dealing with procrastination.

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  • Renato Bosa

    Great podcast!! Thanks!

  • Hey Joe, I just moved into a new house this week (Spring Hill, TN!) and plan on using the bonus room for a studio. My main concern is tracking drums. I have the gear, and a good room, but worried about driving the neighbors crazy. I’m looking into options for reducing sound leaking to the outside, but going to have to save up some money. Have you had issues with neighbors? How do you handle this? (I’m planning on becoming good friends with them so they don’t hate me as a start 🙂 )

    • It’s a valid question, but the real question is how often are you going to be recording drums? If it’s once a year, I don’t think it’s worth worrying about. If it’s every night from 9pm to 3am, then yeah you’ll need to rethink things.
      Best option would be to record during the day when people are mostly not home.

      • I’ll probably be tracking drums 3-4 times a month. It will likely mostly be evenings (can’t do days because of the day job). I have a couple of studios that I can go to/have gone to so I can take care of the drums, but would like to be able to keep everything in-house.

        • Gotcha. In that case getting to know your closest neighbors will be good. If you’re in Davidson County they can create a stink for you if you get on their bad side.

          • I’m in Maury (about 100 yards from Williamson). Didn’t really have issues at my last place, but houses were farther apart there a couple neighbors were musicians too, so they didn’t care about a little noise. I’ll just feel out the new situation and do what I can do. Thanks Joe!

  • Craig Higgins

    Joe when you went on the “ramble” about all those possible hurdles standing in the way of music-making, I laughed out loud. It was like a dead-on laundry list of things we all face, and wow you had it down like a script, lol. I probably blushed because they hit home in my own world.

    • Hahaha. You’re not the only one to tell me that, Craig. I hope it helped kick your butt into gear! 🙂

      • Craig Higgins

        Well it certainly reminded me of all possible ways I put the “PRO” in Crastination. Often times it is due to wearing so many hats (writing, arranging, performing and all the tech sides related to producing music alone), so the “Round Robin” of tasks makes being consistent a challenge.

        • Certainly…all those hats lead to being overwhelmed super easily. 🙂

  • martin

    hi joe..always great info!.. a little off subject- are you planning to do any more studio one videos? I’ve settled on studio one after 2 yrs. and love it, your videos are VERY helpful…thanks…martin/n. carolina

  • curtis

    Man, I love your rant about all the reason you cant record. Could you please stop snooping around my house?
    You forgot the non musician wife who does her best to understand why you cant spend that extra 30 min of studio time with her. Love hearing these podcast’s. Keep it up.

  • The house stuff DOES apply to me – gotta get some separate space myself – congrats dude!