• Andrew Bauserman


    I didn’t know you also were a fan of Gary Vaynerchuk. Don’t know how long you’ve been following him. You might check out these oldies but goodies 🙂

    Gary Vaynerchuk on Triangulation in 2010

    Gary Vaynerchuk on the Social Hour in 2013


  • Bryan Hoogenboom

    You are the most excellent blues kazooist ever!! Ha!

    • This is the best compliment I could ever receive.

      • You could have an additional income stream here as a session kazooist.

  • Rocky

    Of course, looking at it another way……..If your toolbox only contains a bag of hammers….
    Your whole world looks like a nail……….
    The more you know, the more choices you have………
    The more money you have, the more choices you have as to how you would like to live….
    Maybe that’s why so many kids now days do loops, beats, riffs, and fractional heavy beats with endless looping……because study is……….”just too much work” and not real fun…….Why actually study when you can pound out stuff on electronic button boxes/fx boxes/and layer them all together in a DAW in an endless head banging drone of Trance beats……IMHO only, of course….

    • True. But I know many people with plenty of tools and know-how who would rather study than do.
      And I know professional engineers who know way less than a lot of hobbyists.

  • So glad I am not the only one who studied figured bass and Bach chorale harmony! I took it further when I discovered Charlie Parker and John Coltrane.