In this episode, I answer questions about stuff like re-amping and the cure for bad business relationships with clients.

ANSWER THIS QUESTION IN THE COMMENTS:Β Would you watch a video version of this podcast if it existed? There would still be an audio version, but adding a video version is something I’m thinking about doing.

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  • Yes to video. You make funny faces sometimes πŸ˜€

  • Alek

    I’m a listening person. I love to download your podcast and listen to it on a phone while commuting to/from work. Actually video totally does not matter to me – I have my phone in my pocket and listen on headphones. Personally I think that the periscope thing makes you a bit more distracted than before and more often loosing train of thoughts, but this time it was less apparent, so maybe you get used to it. But if making video makes a good vibe to you and makes you more inspired, then by all means go for it, as long as the audio-only version is still available.

  • Frank Arena

    I watch a lot of videos. I am more of a Youtuber over a podcaster. While I do watch a lot of video, I enjoy ones that provide a visual representation of the message. In mix tutorials, I like to visually see the engineer do his/her thing on the screen. If it is just going to be a video of you recording your podcast, I don’t necessarily need to see a video for that. If you are going to add something different to the “podcast” that will require some video, I’d be sure to check it out.

    • Bart Hamill

      Frank… I like the FaderPort because I run StudioOne, Firestudio Project, ADL700, 2 Channel Strips, HP4 & Central Station… the FaderPort is pretty much transparent.

    • Thanks for the feedback, Frank!

  • Debbie Smith

    That was possibly the best rant I’ve ever heard on Ask Joe so far!
    I would definitely watch these shows on video, I have managed to tune into a couple on Periscope on occasion, but would echo others concerns about keeping the audio as I love to listen to the podcasts on my phone on the way to work.
    I hope your cough gets better!

    • Thanks Debbie!! Yep, like I said the video would be an additional thing, but the audio version will stick around for sure.

  • Video would be OK, but not if you don’t have an audio-only version. Some folks are bandwidth-limited (pay for bits) and a video just doesn’t compress like an audio does.
    Some podcast clients won’t do video podcasts (vodcasts?) at all.

    There are examples (Tiny Desk concerts – both audio and video) that work well. We miss some things with no video, but really, this is about using our ears πŸ˜‰

    Please continue audio and add video as a “bonus”, but only as an add-on.

    • Yup. Like I said on the podcast, this would be in addition to the audio-only version.

  • Eddie Combs

    Videos?? OH YEAH!

  • 10/10 Would watch. Keep the beard brother.

  • Bart Hamill

    That is Seriously stepping up yer game. I am familiar w/ your video production skills, and they are first rate…. Caution; video w/o audio is ‘Please Stand By’. Audio w/o video is still a show. Yes, do video, but don’t let the machine steal the show from The Man!

  • The Real Heisenberg

    While I find you handsome enough, I wouldn’t watch a video version!

  • I definitely would, Joe. Just about to start one up myself as well! Can I seek your advice?