In this episode, I update you on how my EP deadline went. I also answer questions about stuff like reference mixes and task scheduling.

I went off the reservation a bit here, taking more time to answer the questions more in-depth. 45 minutes of great content just for you.

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  • Petr

    Music business, Music production, Music performance… thanks for this clarification. I’m definitly in production mode, probably too shy for Performance on stage and maybe too ‘ehrenkäsig’ for business.

  • Brian Theoret

    Love the C-Control. It does have a mono button. Love it! Thanks Joe!

  • Leo Hajder

    i love listening to this stuff 🙂

  • Dean Olerich

    Great Podcast. How is it that you always talk about, just what I need to here? Missed you last week, I was going to rent out your space in my head!!