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  1. George

    Two things.

    One, I really like your acoustic guitar sound on Out of Indiana. Since it is a stripped down arrangement focusing on the Acoustic Guitar, it suits the guitar to have a thicker sound.

    Two. I have two distortion pedals that sound fantastic with tube amps. An AC exotic and a vintage Red Llama. Keep in mind they are overdrive pedals, which may be what you might want, versus a distortion pedal. Also, some amps, like my AC30, do not accept these pedals kindly but your your Fender favorites seem to love these.

    I have used the modeling options, but I never am very happy with them. I always ended up coming back to the tube. Unless you want to spend $1K+ for a Fractal Axe, I don’t think it will sound as good. I guess if you are a touring musician running through a lot of PA systems maybe that would be a better option. However, you may need a better amp than the reverbrocket. And you should definitely check out some quality overdrive pedals at one of Nashville’s great music shops. There are many great options.

    • Joe Gilder

      I’m sure you’re right, George. Plenty of fantastic players use all sorts of overdrive and distortion pedals. I own several and have never been super happy with em. For one thing I feel like I lose low end as soon as I kick them on. I like a thick tone and I lose that with most overdrives I’ve used. And the breakup doesn’t please my ear as well as the amp itself.
      That said, I inserted a 6 dB boost in front of my Fender Bassman amp model last night. It was already cranked, but the boost in front sent it over the top. Super cool tones, even rolling back the volume knob and playing clean stuff worked better with the boost in place.


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