In this episode I answer your questions about compression, and I make a big announcement about a big giveaway you don’t want to miss out on. Click here for the full details.

I’ve got exciting news. My wife Pam and I are celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary on May 13, 2016.

A lot of fun stuff is happening on that day.

First off, I’ll be releasing an all-knew version of my highly popular Understanding Compression course. There will be a discount and all sorts of fun stuff. More on that later. Understanding Compression 2.0 is going to be EPIC.

But now for the fun part…

Since it’s our 10-year anniversary, we thought we’d have some fun with the number 10. So…we’ll be giving away 10 copies of Understanding Compression for FREE on each of our social media channels.

That’s 10 copies on Facebook, and also on Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube, and here on the blog. Five chances to win.

To win, all you have to do is leave a comment as to WHY you want to win a free copy. I will choose the winners no May 13th and give out all the goodies.

UC-clearFive Ways to Win

To enter to win, you may choose one or all five of the following options. All you have to do is tell me why you want to win. (And it has to be more than “I want to win.” Tell me WHY you want a copy, what will it give you? What will you get out of it?)

1. Leave a comment here on this page. This one’s easy. Just leave a comment below.

2. Leave a comment on this Facebook post.

3. Leave a reply to this Twitter post.

4. Leave a comment on this YouTube video.

5. Add me on Snapchat and send me a snap telling me why you want to win.

Again, if you want to enter on all five, go for it. The more the merrier.

Good luck!

Joe Gilder
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72 Responses to “Ask Joe #171 – The Compression Edition! [PLUS A GIVEAWAY!!]”

  1. Tony Pistilli

    Howdy Joe! Thanks so much for your great information. I just stumbled upon your website from I gotta learn compression. It seems so easy to get lost in the weeds listening to so many different opinions. I end up using presets just because I don’t know enough about it. I could definitely use your lesson. Thanks, Tony

  2. eleven9elevenstudios

    HI Joe – first I wanted to thank you and Graham and others like you guys that are providing folks like me with such great information so that we can learn.

    “God has given each of you some special abilities; be sure to use them to help each other, passing on to others God’s many kinds of blessings.” 1 Peter 4:10 (LB)

    I am a guitar player, and used to use a 3630 in my rack, but after listening to and reading many posts, I realize that I have been using compression incorrectly. I also am “hitting a wall” when it comes to implementing what I am learning to my own recordings in Studio One.

    Thank you for keepin’ on with your mission…

  3. Thomas Asp

    Compression has always been the most difficult task for me when it comes to mixing. I guess because for me it’s the thing that I find most difficult to actually hear what is happening to the sound. What to listen for. And to get the right amount of compression, and don’t overdo it. Or compress when it’s not actually improves the sound. I think you’re a great teacher Joe, and I know I would benefit a lot from, and enjoy, a copy of the new Understanding Compression.

  4. John David Mihalko

    Hey Joe, first off, big fan. I really got into recording around 12 years ago and recorded a few songs but had fallen away from it until recently. I started listening to the podcast about a year ago and so much of it hit home. I related to so many of the pitfalls you talk about, but mostly “if I only had that piece of gear I’d sound so much better”, when in reality (as you have pointed out many times) it was really me that needed to get better. I have more than enough gear to produce good recordings, I just need to practice my playing, recording, and mixing. I think a huge part of getting better at mixing (as well as recording and playing live) will come when I understand compression far better than I do today and then start putting that knowledge into practice. That’s why I would love to get a copy of Understanding Compression 🙂

    Also, not only have I benefitted from the podcast musically, but also from many of your time management, organization, etc tips. I have worked on putting them into my routine both at home and at work to try and improve myself and they’re working! It’s also cool to see you are in the Nashville area. My wife and I lived in Fairview for ~3 years and I worked in Brentwood (just north of the CoolSprings Galleria) but we have since moved back home to upstate NY. We’ve been back in NY for 18+ years but I still miss being down there. We do visit my brother and his family in Fairview as often as we can, but not quite the same as living down there. Anyway, keep up the good work. God Bless!

  5. mattierocks

    I’d love to win a copy of Understanding Compression too! I have several of your products and have always found them very helpful. I’ve been playing around with recording for a while, but never seriously enough to advance. Things have shifted in my life in a way that is allowing me to spend much more time producing music that I love, both for myself as and artist and my church. The further I get into the process, the more I realize I don’t know! Compression is one of those topics, I’m not exactly sure if I’m using it right so I’d love to learn more. Thanks for all the great education and training!

  6. Dom Owtram

    Hey Joe! I would love to win a copy of Understanding Compression. I’m very new to recording and mixing, and while i think i’m beginning to understand the basic concept behind compression (turning peaks of a signal down so that you can turn the whole thing up to hear the quieter bits), i find that I struggle to make that translate into actually using compression on my tracks, and appreciating the difference that it is making. I need to learn so much about attack, release, threshold, ratio etc as at the minute I don’t really know what I’m doing with those parameters!

  7. Remus Dumitrascu

    Hi Joe. I have a relay hard time hearing what subtle compression dose to a sound. I woud love if you could cover this in the course.

  8. David C Pratt

    It seems no matter how much I use compression, I sometimes have a hard time telling whether I’m using it effectively. I know when I use and I’m over compressing, but when I back it off a bit I can’t tell if its doing anything.

    It would be nice to have a better idea of when and where I should think about using what I listening for when I apply it.

  9. Max Daniels

    Hey Joe!!! Compression, I think, is the most diverse and versatile tool a mix engineer has in his tool box. It can affect the sound as if it’s doing slight eq’ing, yet it can also affect it as a compressor. When it is impacting the sound as a compressor, there are an infinite amount of ways that sound can come out according to what the engineer dials into the compressor. I would want to win this contest to learn the latter part of the two aspects of a compressor. How does a slow attack affect a sound as opposed to a fast one? Why would I want a high ratio, but a low threshold? This is the guidance I need. I am a member of dueling mixes and I really respect and, perhaps more importantly, trust your opinion. Plus, I think you’re a great personality to listen to, so this would give me an opportunity to listen to you for longer… 🙂 Congrats to you and Pam!!!

  10. rené

    Hi Joe
    Happy anniversary to Pam and yourself. Thanks for all the incredibly useful information. I would like to learn more about compression, and see, whats your solution.

  11. Chad S

    Hi Joe. As a fellow musician and audio engineer, I’d like to win because free audio learning from industry folks is how I learn. And because compression is so important to good production sound, especially with regards to vocals & overall glue. Your videos, especially 3) on listening, 4) on 7 steps, and 5) on real world examples, I’m sure contain valuable insights I could employ. Thanks and congrats on your band, and congrats to its members!

  12. Geoff Kabzinski

    Hi Joe, Happy Anniversary to you and Pam for 10 years, well done, only 60 more to go….it just gets better if you both put each other first and keep walking in the same direction side by side. The gift of Compression is what I lack the most in my audio life right now. I need your fantastic teaching gift more in my life to rescue my mixes. I get your style of teaching, totally relate to you and your music and you train my DAW.. Studio One. Pretty Please Joe.

  13. John Robbs

    Hi Joe, congrats on 10 years! Your free content always starts the gears turning in my head, motivating me to experiment and expand my knowledge. I recently started taking more of an OTB approach to recording-I aquired a 40-channel Allen and Heath mixer and was given 5 rack mount compressors that while they’re cheaper ones, still work. For me, it’s all about learning the process and how things work , but, unfortunately, I still can’t quite grasp the concept of compression to use it tastefully. It’s made even more difficult because the rack gear, unlike plugins, doesn’t have presets! I’ve been copying settings over from compressor plugin presets to the rack gear, but I really want to understand WHY some of those setting work and how to arrive at them without basically copying from a plugin! Not to mention, your content truly is a blessing to this whole community and I rely appreciate everything you do. Thanks and have a great celebration!

  14. Renee_Jacobs

    Hello Joe, I am excited about the new content you are getting to release. One of the primary reasons I would like to win a copy is because one of my roles and responsibilities is as an audio engineer for my church and I have an understanding of compression but to use all of its functions is what I need to expand on. Knowing the basics gets my by but I want to move in excellence in all that I do while serving.

  15. Gilbert Benally

    Compression is critical to all levels of music production. I have some understanding of compression but the part about how, what, when, where and why. This is where I find difficulty of using compression. Different sources have different requirements being able to answer those parts of how, what and when. This would be helpful to my situation and development in mixing music not just for myself but also for others. Thanks for this chance.

  16. Adela Teo

    Hey Joe(: I’ve been following this for awhile, and I’m a student doing a diploma in audio technology. But we don’t get to do much in school, and what I learn here (free content alone), is already much more than what I get to do in school. And I think Understanding Compression would really help me firm up my concept and understanding of compression to help me get better mixes and start gaining the confidence to do more outside work.

  17. Joel Horst

    Hi Joe,
    I’m an home-studio engineer who has used compression, but would love to learn more about HOW to compress acoustic guitar and acoustic/electric bass to get a fuller sound, smoother sound, as well as vocals that stand out well but don’t sound “squashed” or distorted. I’d like to see if Understanding Compression can teach me to be a better compressor-user. 🙂

  18. Danny

    Hi Joe
    Happy anniversary to Pam and yourself. Excellent podcast as usual. I am already an Understanding Compression devotee so I can’t wait to see the new edition. Thanks for all the incredibly useful information over the years.


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