I’ve got another big ol’ pile of questions for you this week, plus I talk a little bit about the Production Club (which is now open and accepting new students!).

Some questions covered today:

  • What does over-compression sound like?
  • Does copying audio files degrade their sound quality?
  • Is outboard analog compression worth it?
  • Is it good to use multiple compressors on a track?
  • When do I ask my clients to pay me?
  • and lots more…

Take a listen here, and enjoy!

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  • CameronN

    I only play drums, so I have been recording drums a lot. I have some friends who play other instruments, and I get them to come over sometimes. If you can’t sing, don’t. Work as hard as you can to use the instruments that you do know how to play to convey the song. (This was a response to the guy who only plys bass)

    • Focus on your strengths, not your weaknesses. I agree.

  • Jerry

    also I forgot to mention Im glad you are bringing this back thanks for taking the time. I really enjoy these

  • Excellend discussion Joe.  I’ll tweet this out for ya.

    • Thanks Mike! Always appreciate the support.

  • Rocky

    … and now it’s downloading in iTunes…. never mind. lol

  • Rocky

    Joe #30 isn’t downloading on iTunes and there’s no download link on this page. I don’t have time to listen to streaming at my computer, can you fix the iTunes or add a d/l link? Thanks much!

  • Jam92189

     I do 50% up front or all up front

  • Damion Morse

    Great Podcast! Awesome info and advice, especially on compression.