In this episode, we take a look at vocal recording and mixing, plus some other fun topics. Enjoy!

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Topics covered:

  • Recording an upright piano
  • Recording a dynamic vocalist
  • Multi-band compression and phase issues?
  • Acoustic treatment first steps
  • Mixing without compression?
  • Mixing vocals
  • Recording a choir
  • Using your interface with an iPad?

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  • Bill McDonald

    Joe, I was Listening to your podcast, about your dueling Mixes, and was thinking, it would be a great idea if you got two members to duel off on a Mix you give. its a thought, Bil McDonald ya know the guy you don’t seem to care for ( my opion )

    • Bill, I don’t know why you think I don’t seem to care for you. You are literally the only customer I’ve ever called on the phone. 🙂
      Interesting idea. Will file it away.

  • Joe

    each mic on its own track that is

  • Joe

    Hey Joe
    RE: Recording a dynamic vocalist…
    Would adding a 2nd mic work? Dial one in for the softer sections, the other for the louder. Then fade in/out the two.

    Thanks for all you do.

    • You certainly could. But it seems like a lot more work…and I’m lazy. 🙂

  • Jerry

    first off great podcast. Second even with the info below me why would you use a ipad for anything serious I am wondering to. I just spent money investing on a custom built PC from ADK. its not as portable as my laptop but if Im on the go I will use my laptop to record and mix on my desktop. But I don’t get whats with this huge ipad craze. plus I don’t have a i anything. haha. I got a windows phone and said by to itunes sadly to I tunes is better than zune. with that said I have all the stuff I need a few good mics a good interface and a amazing computer with some nice plugins.

  • Bschnetzler


    I love your podcasts, it is nice to hear feedback on current real issues those of us with home studios face.

    In this Podcast you responded to a question about using an iPad with an audio interface to record music into it.  You started to reference an adapter that wasn’t intended for this use, but many have developed ways to put it to use in this way. – this is a link to the iPad ‘Camera Connection Kit’  from what I’ve seen, this is the best option for both external audio, and MIDI recording on the iPad. It provides a direct USB link to the iPad so as long as the interface works with COREaudio or COREmidi, it aught to allow a good connection between the two.

    I do prefer the idea of just using a laptop, but for those who might not have that as an available option, this is a decent alternative.

  • Sal

    WWJD – What Would Joe Do? Love it! LOL