In this week’s episode of “Ask Joe,” we tackle a bunch of EQ and reverb questions, plus lots of other fun stuff.

If you’ve got a question, ask away here:

Topics covered:

  • EQ-ing reverb and delay
  • Getting a non-muddy reverb sound
  • Choosing a new interface
  • Using backing tracks live
  • Inter-sample peaks
  • Writing drum tracks
  • Creative de-esser uses
  • M/S mastering
  • Finding time to record

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15 Responses to “Ask Joe #37 – Using EQ and Reverb”

  1. Jerry

     thanks for answering my question. Yea I don’t really here much of a difference with the ISP limiters thing so I just don’t worry about it. I agree with you on just focusing on the music.

  2. Dan

    Regarding the question about inter-sample peaks, I have found -0.4db on the limiter is usually good enough. 

    A free VST plugin meter is available at  (Click the word “HERE” to start the download.)  I use this meter when mastering.  If the mix would clip in the analog world, a white bulb lights up next to the ANA label.

  3. Hillel

    I am extremely excited to hear that you will be doing a tutorial at some point on writing drums in EZdrummer. The sooner the better! 

  4. Ashley Driscoll

    Hi Joe, I would like to thank you for these Podcasts and this website, though I don’t use Pro Tools or Mac, I find all your stuff very useful on the program I use called Mixcraft.
    thanks again!

  5. Michal

    Thanks a lot for answering my question, Joe! I really look forward to your show every week.
    Speaking of EZDrummer and drums programming, I can’t wait to see your video tutorial on it. Greetings!


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