In this episode, we tackle some really interesting questions, including how I like to edit (i.e. “pocket”) timing issues on tracks like bass.

Enjoy, and don’t forget you can ask your question here:

Topics covered:

  • Mixing with a gain plugin
  • Using guitar amp simulators
  • Pocketing bass tracks
  • Wireless mic options
  • Adding an intro to a song
  • …and a bunch more.

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2 Responses to “Ask Joe #41 – “Pocketing” Bass Tracks”

  1. Andrew Bauserman

    Re: wireless mic for preaching – Sennheiser makes good stuff. We’ve also had great luck with the Audio-Technica 3000 series ($400 @ Sweetwater). And we recently switched from Countryman earpiece mics to the Audio-Technica BP892 series ($300 @ Sweetwater) which is comparable in quality, less expensive, and the pastor finds it more comfortable than the Countryman.

    If $700 for a wireless rig is out of budget, I’d suggest going the wired route over cheap wireless gear. An SM57 ($99) or Beta57 ($149) with a Shure lock-on windscreen is great for speaking, singing and instruments.


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