For this week’s podcast, how about some mastering questions? Plus, one of my favorite topics, recording background vocals.

Enjoy, and don’t forget you can ask your question here:

Topics covered:

  • How loud should you master your songs
  • Various ways to use meters while mastering
  • EQ-ing kick drum
  • EQ boosts vs cuts
  • Mid-Side Recording/Mixing
  • Compression attack and release settings
  • Recording great background vocal parts
  • and more…

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  • Brian

    You and Graham are a wonderful blessing for all home studio mixers!!

  • Eli

    Hello Joe!
    I just wanted to say thanks for everything. BTW our church just got the Presonus Studiolive 16.0.2 Mixer that you reviewed and its awesome! The only problem I have is when we record the service using “Capture” there is latency (and sounds like a “doubling effect”) Any ideas on how to fix this? I remember you mentioned that there is a way to do it and have virtually no latency. We are unable to record our services until I fix it cause the latency is too distracting haha

    Thank you so much for everything!

    • You mean there’s latency WHILE recording? Or the recordings sound weird when you listen back?

  • Gary (from Hong Kong)

    Another great episode of Ask Joe!! it makes the start of weeks better!! Just something not really music-related, you know how you said in the beginning of this episode that it’d take you however long you allow yourself for a task? There’s actually a “law” called Parkinson’s Law that says ‘Work expands to fill the time available for its completion.’ Maybe you could include that next time you write about the importance of setting deadlines =P

    • Absolutely, Gary! I think I’ve talked about Parkinson’s Law before, either on the site or in one of my products. He was totally right. 🙂

  • The way you describe editing the acoustic track reminds me of slip editing (which is FANTASTIC for drum pocketing). I had never thought of doing it the way you described though. Cool stuff.

    • Totally…and Presonus Studio One actually allows you to slip edit audio without moving the edges of the regions…PRICELESS.

  • martianritch

    Hi Joe. Just to let everybody know on the subject of mastering meter levels, the k meter seems to me to be a good way to go. This is a free version but there is another one by who have a good video on how it works. I’d recommend running some commercial mixes through it to get an idea of what other people aim for (quite a few are what you’d call too hot to my way of thinking). Hope this helps some people out there and cheers from the Shetland islands at the very north of Scotland.Here is the link for the free version.

    • Thanks! I’ve heard about K metering. Studio One actually has it build-in, which is cool.

  • chrisw92

    Your RSS feed works again, iTunes still doesn’t recognise any episodes though.

    Maybe something to do with media files not being embedded in feedburner?

    • Ugh…thanks for the heads up. Got my web guys working on it. Silly technology.