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Questions covered this week:

  • Is clipping in your DAW always bad?
  • What’s your #1 gun-pointed-at-your-head vocal recording tip?
  • What is peak vs RMS compression?
  • How do you record demos for clients?
  • Best way to use parallel compression?

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  • Hey, Joe, here’s another definition of a demo, something halfway between the guitar-vocal (which I’ve seen a lot for working out a song form) and the complete production you see in Nashville to sell songs. When I’ve written a song I work out all the parts in MIDI in my DAW. Once I’m happy with the song, form, and parts, I’ll start replacing the tracks one at a time with audio tracks (unless they are staying MIDI through to the end). A good friend of mine uses a similar demo but with all acoustic scratch tracks, again to work out the parts. Once the demo is complete, he records the keepers for all the parts.

    Thanks, Rob

    • Yeah, that makes sense. I thought about it today, too. Bands and songwriters might throw together a rough demo of the basic direction of the song to bring to a tracking session.